Fiberglass Entry Doors

For an elegant and durable alternative to a wood door, choose a fiberglass entry door from Master Seal, with realistic wood grains, top-notch energy efficiency and detailed craftsmanship. Unlike wood, fiberglass is resistant to splits, warping, shrinkage and rotting. Master Seal’s fiberglass entry doors are available in Mahogany, Cherry and Oak grains so you get exactly the look you want. Customize your door even further with your choice of 6 elegant stain colors for a one-of-a-kind, welcoming entryway to your home.

Cherry – Cherry is known as a premium hardwood. With its distinctive wood grain pattern of ovals and intermittent lines, cherry captures the eye’s attention . Master Seal’s cherry grain fiberglass doors recreate this unique appearance.

Oak – Oak, known for its strength and grain pattern, is among the most prolifically used woods. Its deep swirls and lines give it a classic American look. Master Seal’s fiberglass and textured steel doors mirror a natural oak grain.

Mahogany – Mahogany, from Latin America, is a premier exotic wood. Its fine texture and uniform interlocking lines make it stand out from other wood species. Master Seal’s mahogany grain fiberglass door offer the unique look of this exotic hardwood.

Stain – Hand applied to give a wood grain appearance, it is then top coated with a 2-part clear urethane protective coat with a UV inhibitor. It is then oven-cured a second time forming an enduring lustrous look.