Energy Efficient Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows greatly enhance the appearance of a room but they also provide many benefits that are unseen. Benefits of Bay and Bow windows range from aesthetics to energy efficiency.

This three-dimensional window installation creates dramatic new looks, adding style to the exterior of your home as they expand interior space, light and view.

All of these Bay and Bow windows are exceptionally energy-efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, increase the comfort of your home, and even improve its resale value.

The addition of a Bay window creates a dynamic new dimension to a room. This is a lovely way to open your home to the outdoors.

Bay Windows (Straight lined protrusion)

Bay windows are 3 sided windows that angle outward from your home. The angular lines combined with a form matching Hip roof make Bay windows a perfect choice for modern architecture.

Bay windows are also a perfect choice for those that really like the space for decorating with a center piece to shine through the huge center glass panel.

The addition of a Bay window creates a dynamic new dimension to a room. This is a lovely way to open your home to the outdoors.


Bow Windows (Gradually curving protrusion)

Custom made Bow windows add a graceful dimension to any home. We can custom-fabricate your bow window in any size, and with the gradual curve that the shape of the bow projects, you can have your choice of 3, 4, 5 or even 6 evenly-sized sections.

Adding a Bow window brings a dynamic new appearance to any room. This is a spectacular way to open your home to the outside.


Construction Features for all Bay and Bow:

  • 1 1/4″ birch head, seat and jamb.
  • All exposed wood surfaces are wrapped with aluminum or vinyl.
  • Cable Support system is standard on all bay and bow windows.
  • Available with casement or double-hung flankers (side windows).
  • All jambs and projections are custom-made so your bay or bow is the perfect fit for your home.

Available Options for Bay and Bow windows:

  • Low Emissivity (Low “E”) Gas
  • Argon Gas fill available
  • Obscure Glass for privacy
  • Choose Double Hung or Casement windows
  • Several color choices: White, Brown, Almond or Cream White
  • Diamond or Colonial Grids
  • Dual Strength Glass
  • Laminated or Tempered Glass
  • Foam Filled Extrusions for additional insulating power
  • Pin Dot Grids

Bay and Bow Window Highlights:

  • Multi-chambered, fusion-welded master frame.
  • Beveled sash profiles, also fusion welded for durability.
  • Dual Glazing with snap-in Glazing Bead.
  • Gray “swiggle” Warm Edge Seal with 7/8″ insulated glass.
  • Double-hung windows have half screens; casements have full screens.
  • Double sealed weather stripping.
  • Rigid vinyl with additional chambers for decades of maintenance-free enjoyment.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Our Warranty is not pro-rated like most others, and includes the sealed glass unit
  • Concealed Hinges & Operators of the highest quality
  • Easy Cleaning Casement Sashes open to Center 
  • Slim Profiles for Maximum Viewing Area
  • Roto Locking System secures the window at multiple points
  • Cable Support System